Feature Request - Greater Flexibility When Assigning A Reason For Adjusting Inventory

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When adjusting inventory levels at Products > Inventory we are provided with a 'Reason' dropdown where we can associate a reason with the inventory adjustment. This is incredibly important functionality for us, because we need to be able to accurately trace and reference inventory adjustments.

As of this post we can only select from six predefined reasons for the adjustment, these do not cover the full range of reasons as to why we might adjust our inventory. Can you please add an 'Other' option to this functionality whereby we can specify our own reason for the adjustment? Thank you.

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Hi @gr5 !


This is great feedback regarding the "reason" field under inventory adjustment levels. If not done yet, I highly suggest that you forward this to Shopify support team so they can also forward your feedback to Shopify developer team.

Please let me know if it works by marking it as a solution!
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We would like an additional option for the "reason" dropdown menu as well.  The option should be "sale on other platform" or "sale" alone would work.  

The other thing that would be helpful here in the "reason" dropdown menu, is to be able to write a NOTE by the reason for the adjustment!!