Feature Request: humans.txt

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What about adding support for humans.txt in Shopify templates?


For those who might not know, humans.txt is a simple TXT file where we can list everyone who's worked on building a website. It's a great way to give credit without cluttering up the site.


Why This Matters: Right now, a lot of "Shopify experts" are adding big watermarks or footers to credit themselves. It works, but it can mess with the site's design. 

I came across an article discussing why we shouldn't add their details to the website's footer. The main points being:

  1. It's often done for advertising or backlinks, which might not be appropriate for every site.
  2. Once the website is completed, it's the property of the client, who should have the right to decide whether these links stay or go.
  3. Such links can look unnatural and might negatively impact SEO.


Therefore, I'd like to start a discussion about whether Shopify should support a humans.txt file. I believe this feature is needed because it not only maintains a clean website design but also acts as verifiable proof of work.


We can highlight our contributions in our portfolios or CVs when reaching out to future clients or employers, effectively showcasing our involvement in the project.


Read more about the Humans.txt Standard here.



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