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Hello Shopify,

There are many features we would want to ask for at the POS level, however, a basic one that seems reasonable to code for every other platform we have encountered is the ability to merge client files. We have instances of one client having multiple accounts if they use a different email or phone number. At a minimum, the ability for us to go through admin and force those accounts to merge would be useful. We currently have to select each account manually, then click each order individually manually, to see the purchase history for a customer. This is extremely tedious, time consuming and unfriendly to the customer while they wait and we search and search for the purchase history. Since we are required to use the previous sale to do returns, we MUST go through this process. Because Shopify has forced this unfriendly return process, at a minimum it should be easier to search through for that client's order. Hoping dev's can work on this at the POS level at least, rather than spend another year just pushing the POS out to other countries (last update to pos was in March of 2021 per changelog). Hoping for some news that we will actually get some updates to the system. Shopify is a big player - let's get it up to speed! Thanks!

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Yes, please.


We need to merge customers together who might have placed others in different times.


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The ability to merge duplicate accounts has been requested a lot over the years, for both the Shopify Admin and the POS. The earliest request I've seen stems from 2013. I can't speak for Shopify on why it's not possible, but I guess they must have their reasons.

That's why, a few months ago, I started development on an app that addresses this issue. So pardon me while I shamelessly plug my own work.


The app doesn't actually merge accounts but rather links them together, creating a single overview with all customer info and a combined list of the orders on the linked accounts. It isn't much yet as I've only finished this early version very recent. I'm still building more features.

Like the ability to add the complete list of orders to a customer order history page.

And I would love to expand to the Shopify POS as well. I could very much use feedback from folks like yourself who use the POS.

I'd love for you and others to try it out and see if it has potential. And especially to reach out with feature requests or other questions.