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Good morning, I am writing as a new Shopify store owner, so correct me if I am wrong on any of this.

There are some concerns I have with the Shopify backend software with regard to features. We were shocked to see that there is not a shelf location or bin location field when adding a product. Most e commerce mid sized businesses have an organizational system to efficiently pick items when ordered for streamlined shipping, and not having this available directly is concerning to me. I have looked for alternative methods of accessing these locations for now but I think its important that this is added not only for me but for many others with the same concern given that with just a small around of peeking around online many people have been discussing this issue specifically.

Secondly, I am shocked that you can not apply discounts specifically to a customer or create a customer group and apply discounts to that group. Previous to using this software we have used 2 different providers, and they both had these features included. I found an app through the store that offers a solution to this but it cost $40 US per month, which is honestly way too expensive in my opinion for one feature. Any light that could be shed on these concerns would be helpful.

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Hi @choicecomponent 

As to the first issue - you are correct that this is not built into the Shopify admin and could be very helpful to many sellers. Fulfillment and shipping via the Shopify admin/Shopify Shipping has its limits (especially once you reach a higher-volume of selling). For inventory, fulfillment, & shipping software it is best to use an outside provider.

You are able to create discount codes for specific customers or groups of customers, just not automatic discounts. For convenience, you could then build the discount code into a link to provide these customers so that it will automatically apply the discount code for them at checkout.



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It’s good to know that a code can be created to only apply to a certain group, but I still think it should be available that you can apply a permanent discount to an account for return/wholesale customers, and it almost has me second guessing my decision to make the switch that it’s not available through the stock backend. Hopefully this is considered down the road. Thank you for your reply. 

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Hi @choicecomponent 

In case you are still looking for a shelf/bin location solution - we have recently released a solution on the Sheet Master app https://apps.shopify.com/sheet-master (currently free, screenshot of the pick list is below).

Users can set up custom shelf & bin locations, and generate pick lists in custom formats - happy to help with a custom setup in case you need it.  

Video demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O12azLZcmjo