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Hello fellow entrepreneurs I’m going to try and keep this as short as possible with hopes of getting some good advice .With a personality of a , motivated ,self driven, determined single mother I  have been working extremely hard, the last several years on my business and trying to get it up and running. (successfully)  due to MANY Challenges I have faced due to a recent diagnosis of going blind - and not letting my disability define who I am as a successful business owner ,  lack of capital funds at my disposal, lack of knowledge. Therefore, I’m teaching myself from ground up because I lack financial stability to hire someone to do it for me after several months of following step-by-step tutorials offered on Shopify. I was able to successfully get the very basics of my website up and running and working. Made sure every setting was done correctly testing my payments settings and checkouts everything has been set up to a very basic website that was functioning. Have added several products and also decided to drop ship a few products through the Shopify apps, linked and connected everything correctly and my website has now taken a turn for the worse. I started receiving notifications of customers placing orders and it appears my website is not as user-friendly, smooth shopping experience as I thought it was. Here are just a few examples of what is going on; prices are different on my website compared to drop shipping suppliers. Websites have increased for unknown reason. Certain orders are not being charged for shipping, some suppliers aren’t even showing up as if they are the one who is supplying the product. I am supposed to be fulfilling the items just to name a few. . How can I possibly fix all these errors. I do not want to continue paying for my subscription on Shopify and all my subscriptions for these apps that aren’t being used correctly it’s causing more problems I feel like I’m drowning can somebody give me some advice appreciated thank you

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Hope you are well.


Honestly it is hard to explain the solution to your problems in this thread, but I can surely help you set it up correctly, if you are interested, let me know, I'll share my email and we can have a chat to discuss your problems.


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