Fees report? Actual net income report?

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Where can I find a simple montly fees report? Also, is there a way to see an actual net income report?  

In my Financial Summary report I see a "Net sales" number, but that number is highly misleading as it is not, in fact, net.  That number includes fees to payment services (including Shopifys own payment service) as well as not reflecting shipping expenses I've incurred during the month, which is something else Shopify should have a report for since I print and pay 100% of my shipping through shopify.

Is there an actual net income number somewhere that I'm missing?  Is there an easy way to see how much I paid Shopify, PayPal and Amazon Payments in fees on a monthly basis?


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Aria here, one of the Social Care gurus at Shopify. 🙂

The information you are looking for is available, it's just in different places. 

To find out how much you paid in fees to Paypal and Amazon, you'd need to log in to your Paypal account and your Amazon account. I would suggest reaching out to those companies if you're not sure where to find the information. For privacy reasons, they don't share that information with Shopify or anyone else. 

To find out what you paid in credit card fees for Shopify Payments, go to Settings > Payment Providers > View Payouts (under Shopify Payments) in your admin. 

The easiest thing would be to export the payouts for the date period:

The shipping fees are all included in your invoices. You can find those under Settings > Billing.

You can get a breakdown of how much was paid through each payment provider if you go to Analytics > Reports > Finance > Finances Summary.

I hope this helps. 

Aria | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Our app Better Reports can show total fees paid for Shopify Payments and PayPal and can deduct this amount from the net sales.

We're not able to pull Shipping fees though, as the data is not exposed.


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I’m John from Data Export. Data Export will automate your reports like sales, inventory, refunds, tax, billing, fulfillment and many more custom reports.

Data Export can report Shopify and Paypal transaction fees. It can also report Shipping label fees for each order. We can create a monthly report of fees and automate to be delivered to you each month.

I'm not sure about Amazon fees. This is something you will need to check in your Amazon Seller account.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


Data Export is rated by Shopify Sellers as the best and cost-effective reporting application on Shopify.
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Aria already givean the answer

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To me, it is completely unnacceptable that we have to go through every invoice and essentially transaction to see what we paid for shipping labels to shopify.  This is the most basic and important accounting information.  I'm not sure why it is this way.  We have hundreds of orders and we are a new store.  Do most of shopify's customers not sell very much?  I need answers for this. I need to be able to compare in a report or at least in a more simple way than going through every transaction, what was paid in shipping labels and what was collected for shipping.  If I could do that monthly in one lump sum at a glance, that would be great.  But it should be information that is readily available in different formats if I wish. This is a major downfall for Shopify.  I should not have to pay extra to a report app for the most basic and important accounting information.  

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I found something that could be helpful.  If you go to settings/billing and then click on "view Shopify account summary" there is some info there.  I have spent hours on the phone and emailing with Shopify support and never any answers about this.  Why does support not know how to find this information?  everyone has told me to get an app.  This is basic and important accounting information. 

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I agree.  I've been on the phone with customer support, gone into the LA store to talk with a consultant, and emailed repeatedly with no answers as to why Shopify's reports are so difficult to break down, and misleading.


Going into Excel documents, I find multiple discrepancies across the same time period and no one can explain why the numbers don't add up.  Everyone running a business needs to know this information-- why make it so difficult to decipher? 

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It's horrible and had I known from the start, I might have chosen a different platform because of it.  It's caused us a lot of issues. 

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Has there been any update on getting a single detailed fees report ?  I don't see anything in the current standard reports.  Seems like this would be a fiduciary requirement for Shopify to provide this freely to their customers. Please advise.  Thanks

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For as sophisticated an app as Shopify -- much better than PayPal -- it seems like it could be an easy fix to provide a *total* of fees for any given period.

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Shopify is great at hiding the additional fees they charge. Starting to think it’s time to switch to a different platform.
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Hello,  so yesterday i have received my first order! 
Once i see the payout on shopify, I notice that it will arrive like 5 days after receiving the order. Futhermore, the product price is 59.99 euro but shopify considered 55,37 euros instead of 59,99 euro and then there is a fee of 2.5 euro which is normal. But I did not understand where is the difference between the product price and the amount. Shouldn't it be the same ?

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I'm sick of having to buy apps to get more features. We pay $300/month. i don't see a way to get shopify payment fees. i followed the comments and can't figure it out

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Can you explain why such basic information as the total for fees is so difficult to access? I'm currently going through this process four times a year, and due to updates on the site, it's a little different each time. Right now I'm waiting for an email containing the exported CSV file, for some reason. This is ridiculously complicated. It is misleading way to operate your service. 

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same! support just sent me here....to you guys! its a ll a bit unnecessary i think

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gawd! dont say that....such a big job for me. i like shopify but now I am questioning why they make it so awkward to see fees beyond 3 or 4 months??

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Yeah got to admit that Shopify doesn't make it easy, by the looks of things, when it comes to reporting for accounting.

The way I am understanding it, or to make sense of it in my head, is to treat each payment processor individually.

I have 3 I use on my site:-
Shopify Payments

I can only get the real NET figures for any sales which have gone through Shopify Payments, as this information is kept within the Shopify ecosystem.

These were found by going to Settings ---> Payments ---> Shopify Payments ----> View Payouts ---> Transactions (top right) ---> Export

Can someone confirm that I am understanding this correctly?

If so, I will have to do the same over at Paypal & Klarna, and this should result in me having all NET figures for every order processed through my website?


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i just needed to know how much i'd paid shopify over the year, that's a
fair question i think? but i had to download all of the payouts onto a
spreadsheet and let that count it up for me, just a bit more awkward
than it should be since everything else is analysed to death in there.
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This is terrible. At the very least if we are using Shopify Payments (your gateway!), then the fees you have charged should be part of the basic orders export. Stripe does it, and your service is based on Stripe.....