Few pricing questions, discounts, discounts combinations, etc.

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Hye out there!


Can someone assist me with few scenarios, I am not sure if i am missing setup or my scenarios are not possible without apps / custom themes:


  • Need to set a basic -20% for product / collection, setup as "Amount off products / Product discount, Not set to combine" and its just not visible anywhere until i add items to cart? 
    • When Compare at price is set there is a nice "banner" and price drop indication is visible
    • I have tried to use Ymq B2B plugin to set discount and then it works at least partially , price and price with discount is shown but not the banner
  • In addition to previous discount i would like to add Order discount, to discount 2% from order amount incl tax. and that works fine BUT
    • I don't want to discount items already discounted, not to accumulate too much discount, exactly what Shopify warns me about 🙂
    • Is it just the way it is? or maybe there is any features in a backlog that could "exclude discounted items" but still allowing the discount on rest of lines.
    • I have tried to use Ymq B2B app for that but that is also not working there, overall great add on by the way. Misses some front end UI points but that could probably could be improved through their support. Nevertheless it does not cover that too.
  • Breadcrumbs? Are there only available through customizations / themes?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi @RandomMerch You can try using the Discount Depot App which offers you to combine the order value discount along with the already discount items on the cart and the checkout page.  Plus you can set the Automatic discounts for your client using the app which can be show on the product and the collection page accordingly. 

Let me know if you would need any other help from my side. 

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