Files tab showing up as empty even though I have files in there

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This is the second time I am encountering this issue. Whenever I click on the Files tab to see my files, non of them come up. Even though I know they are there since when I check them through another place like when adding an image when editing the store theme it all comes up.


I need to see them because I want to copy the image URL.


I believe this might have to do with deleting a product to then have no products and adding another one. This happened before and this is the only common denominator I can think of.


Here is a screenshot of my files tab:
Screenshot 2024-02-25 130113.png


And here is one from the theme editor:
Screenshot 2024-02-25 121213.png


I tried contacting shopify support through live chat but they said they had nothing on this issue and will reach out to the email support team that are more capable of handling it.

Anyone had this issue before? Any fixes?

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