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We need to make filters that are specific to a category. 
We have the "dimensions" filter that's specific to each jewelry category. 
It has a different name for each category, but we don't want to show it without selecting a category. 
I've tried some apps on the store and I couldn't find a logic conditions for a filter to show. 
Ideally, when choosing Rings you would see Rings diameter as a filter. 
When choosing Earrings you would see Earrings length as a filter. 
And so on. 
Thanks a lot for the help!

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Hello @Paul_magdas , you can try Shopify's default app "Search and Discovery". It's free and it will show dynamic filters depending on the collection. Moreover, if you like to add custom filter options, you can do this using metafields with the filters. 



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I'm using the default app and it doesn't have any dynamic filters. 
It shows the same filters at all times. 
I want a filter that is available only for a specific filtering. 
I don't want to show shoe size when a client selects dresses for example. 
That's the problem I have 😞 

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Hi @Paul_magdas 

you can use an app for this also they can customize the functionality that you want on their end.


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I've tested the app and their workaround solution implies only a particular UX. 

For their app to work as a filter only available to a collection filter, the user would have to go to that collections page. 
Usually, the user browses the store from the store page where it can see every filter. You can't disable a filter on a page or anything. 
Asking for customization is not really a solution when taking time. 
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.