Finding a best shipping partner for UK market

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Please suggest a smarter, cheaper, and more reliable shipping partner that has all of the following functionalities:


The shipping partner platform should support end-to-end shipping functions:

  1. The shipping partner must be able to have the vendor's address automatically from shopify.

  2. Our customers should be able to see the final shipping price on our store when they have entered their shipping address on the website.

  3. Rules: The shipping partner should support the price capping feature:
    a. Product Price and shipping price should be different.
    b. Price variations should be in the Admin's control.
    c. Customer and Store admin should be doing minimal work.
    d. The shipping partner should be able to provide quotes from different service providers e.g. DHL, FedEx,         UPS, etc. but restricted to store admin only, not to the customers.
    e. Customers should be able to select the express shipping and slow shipping options.
    f. The shipping partner should support multiple countries.

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