Fixed prices in Shopify Markets not working

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We're starting to use Shopify markets to sell in all our countries from one store (local language, local currency etc.). We need to set the prices higher in some countries and therefore want to use fixed prices rather than converted prices. We have set the fixed prices in the specific market and for the specific product but it's still showing up as the converted prices and looks really bad. The fixed prices are supposed to overrun the conversion but it seems it's not. How can we fix this? 

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We are having the same issue.  Any resolution?

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I had the same issue and after trying different things, I read all the Shopify Markets documentation again. What worked for me was DISABLING - Show prices to customers in their local currency in the Pricing section for the market I was having issues with. Now the fixed price for the products that have fixed pricing set always loads and overrides any conversion. Hope this helps others as it took me a while to sort.