Flow - add Custom Attribute to Customer Metafield

Flow - add Custom Attribute to Customer Metafield

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I am trying to use Shopify Flow to add details from an Order to the Custom Attribute connected to the Customer.


I can get Flow to do the following:
 - Start when order created
 - Check if Custom Attribute, then


I'm stumped at how to get the Custom Attribute to be added to the Customer.


The Metafield details are:
Name: School
Namespace and key: global.School
Single line text with no validations.


What values should I add for each of the following: Metafield namespace, Key & Value?


Many thanks

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Refer to existing premade flow templates when hitting roadblocks there's one that use metafields , and one that deal with attributes , to have a hands on examples of using metafields and attributes.


Also dig into the dedicated flow forum https://community.shopify.com/c/shopify-flow-app/bd-p/flow 


Use the update-customer-metafield https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/shopify-flow/reference/actions/update-customer-metafield 


Example flow templates 

And "Using customAttributes (aka line item properties) in conditions and actions"


"Track how often customer have gotten refund in customer metafield"  https://shopify.com/admin/apps/flow/web/editor/templates/730eb95c-1269-42d2-889c-55ad20e3dd51 


Good Hunting.

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Hi there, did you find a way to do this using Flow? We have done this before but not using a Flow - we created a custom/private app instead.


Let us know, thanks.


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