Food Delivery Business looking for an app for subscription and/or delivery

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As background, we will offer a rotating menu each week and will be cooking at a commercial kitchen. We are looking for 2 potential solutions:

1) We are looking at doing (3) week long subscriptions. A customer orders a package which each package would deliver for 3 weeks. Option to make consecutive weeks or delay a week if needed. We would love for customer to be able to choose what kind of meal that would get each of the (3) weeks. We would have 10 - 15 different options for them to choose from each week. 

2) The other option would be to use Shopify as is where the customer could order (1) package but we would need to make (3) different deliveries (or perhaps fulfill the order (3) times). Thinking perhaps a delivery app might be able to help us with this vs. a subscription app. We will have 1 - 2 delivery drivers each week and would love routes mapped out.

Thank you for the support in helping us locate a solution to this problem we are running up against!

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Hi there!

I'm part of the team working on the EasyRoutes delivery management app for Shopify. We can definitely help you manage your deliveries on Shopify, from route optimization, to picking and packing, to dispatch and tracking. You can find and re-use orders in routes, so you can deliver three weeks in a row. We also handle partial fulfillments if that's the workflow you choose to use. You can also remove orders or add new orders to your routes and re-optimize them.

We have a free plan for businesses just starting out and a 14-day free trial for any of our paid plans. We can scale to support businesses of all sizes.

You can learn more here. I hope this helps!

EasyRoutes Local Delivery ( - Local delivery superpowers for your Shopify store
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You can consider ReCharge Subscriptions, Bold Subscriptions, and Charge Rabbit apps. You need to base your choice on the specifics of your business.

The most efficient Shopify shipping app is the one that provides a balance between costs, delivery terms and packaging options depending on the products you sell. You can try apps like UPS Shopify app, Shopify FedEx app. You can also think about custom app development.

In case you have any questions on how to choose apps or how to extend the default app functionality, don’t hesitate to contact Whidegroup for advice and support.

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