Foodry Theme: How to change SVG Logo

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Hello guys 🙂 


I am trying to change the SVG Logo on my theme but the logo doesn't change at all. Could you please help me figure it out how and what to change in my theme code? 


I have uploaded "Logo.svg" under Assets folder. 


The logo part in Header. Liquid file is like following: 

<a href="{{shop.url}}">
              {% if section.settings.hd_home_logo != blank %}
              <img src="{{section.settings.hd_home_logo|img_url:'master'}}" width="{{section.settings.hd_home_logo_maxwidth}}" alt="{{}}">
              {% else %}
              <img src="//" width="{{section.settings.hd_home_logo_maxwidth}}" alt="{{}}">
              {% endif %}
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