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Hi there I am using Prestige theme and I'm wanting to change the footer menu so that it sits horizontally.

Password: broolt


Wanting the newsletter to sit like this with the footer menu underneath. 


Can anyone help? 

Screenshot 2020-05-21 15.43.18.png

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To do this, you would most likely have to change the code in your theme to change the layout:


In the footer code, you'd need to find the blocks for each section and move the menu block.2020-05-22 11_30_34-Window.png

Then change the styles for each section to display how you want.


2020-05-22 11_34_06-Window.png

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I am trying to edit the ABOUT THE SHOP section in the prestige theme footer buy I am not sure how to get it done since it seemed that it require some coding.


My page is