For 'orders' display list, is there a way to show the name of product or image....

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In my admin page, for 'Orders' list, is there a way to show the sold product's image or the name of product/listing name?  Correct me if I'm wrong but currently, I can only see the 'order number', 'date', 'customer', 'channel', 'total', 'payment status', 'fulfillment status', '# of items'. 


I make custom products in custom sizes, so need to frequently see if a particular product was sold and if a certain size of that product was made in the past so I do not need to remake it.  It is extremely time consuming having to click open each order to see what was sold etc because the orders list do not give any hint of it.  Perhaps there is a way to display more info about the product through a thumnail image or atleast name of the product/listing. 


Anyone have suggestions?

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Maybe you need to use a third-party app for display, or use API help to display.

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Hi @A_L1 

You can easily get the list of product names when making a get product call.

Please have look at this blog: Shopify API | Lesson #1: How To Retrieve Products List With Postman In Shopify 

Or watch this video:


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Did you ever find a solution? I have the same issue, and I can't believe that something so basic as the product itself does not show in the list, so you have to keep guessing every time you open an order and cross your fingers that is the right one. It's so inefficient!

Shopify, please add the ability to display the name of the product itself, and maybe variant and custom options