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Forecasting by product type?

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Hello, I am trying to see if I can sort by product type in either stocky or shopify to say for example

"I have two sofas" in inventory and I see I have three coming in from x supplier at this date and one coming in on this date" I have not found that capability YET in apps, stocky or shopify. Any suggestions? 

I can sort by product in transfers, but it only shows it the Transfer Info and the whole order, not just the product type. 

My goal is to be able to see how many of each product types I have on hand and coming in to see if I need to purchase more. 



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Hey Erin, 

Bahadir here from Fabrikatör - Intelligent Supply Planning app. 

You are very right about requesting this and it has been a long-time issue of product type not being part of supply planning and POs. 

At Fabrikatör, we do offer forecasting at the SKU level and you can create filters based on product type, vendor, and 16 other attributes. Our users know exactly what products to restock, when and how many. This gives everyone not only peace of mind but also a higher return on inventory investments. 

We are working on advanced supply planning reports and are happy to have you as a pilot user. If you are interested, feel free to message me here or book a session from our website:

Looking forward to helping you!

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