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I would like to sell grain by weight for homebrewers.  Other stores in the region sell by weight and I would like to conform to that norm as that is what the customer expects.  I have thought of a couple ways to do this but have not found a way to implement.  

1.  I could create the item as 1kg and allow people to buy fractional units (for example if they want 500g of an item they would purchase 0.5 units).  This works out well for pricing as 1 unit would be, say $3.99.  However, I do not know how to implement allowing someone to buy fractional units.

2.  I could create the item as 1g.  The customer who wants 500g would buy 500 units.  However, this would put the cost price of 1 unit at $0.00399 which I don't believe to be allowed either.

3. I could make the price $0.04 and make each unit 10g and allow customers to buy in 10g increments (500g = 50 units).  However this I feel would be a little too burdensome and just create one more thought barrier to people buying from me instead of a competitor.

I suppose what I'm asking is, is there a way to implement either option 1 or option 2 using Shopify or an app for Shopify?

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@Garth_Peterson old thread but if someone is looking to solve this, here is a demo store

password : sbw

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