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 First time poster here so please give some slack if I don't get the etiquette quite right!! 🙂

I have a customer who runs a Franchise. He has about 70 companies in the franchise and he would like to automate how the franchises carry out their Quoting and Ordering aspect of the business.


He would like to be able to offer the franchises an app / web process to be able to handle the quoting and ordering for the products that they offer.

The products can be things like customised notepads, pens, t-shirts - beer mats etc. We have access to all this data in a back end API we are creating to ingest all this data - we have that part covered.


The part that I really want to understand is - can Shopify allow my customer to have his Franchises join and have a sub account that will allow them to -:

1. Import / customise their products

2. Use templates to set up their products for sale.

3. Allow each franchisé to be a sub account of a main Franchise account.

4. Could each franchise potentially allow their customers to sign up and directly order what they would like ?

If this is not a possibility - I would love to hear some ideas about how it could potentially work as I am keen to leverage the power the Shopify will ultimately bring?! 

Any help with this will be gratefully received 🙂 





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Interesting use case. Not sure off hand if all of this is possible but I'm also curious to know.

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