Fraud Alert on Facebook/Instagram Order

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So I know the general rule of thumb for when the Shopify Fraud Analysis pops up is that, at the end of the day, it's up to the seller how to go forward and handle each specific case. I genuinely hate needing to reach out to customers about their order coming up as potentially fraudulent, because some people are understanding that I'm a small business just trying to protect myself, while others aren't exactly keen about wanting to send another form of ID to verify the payment method belongs to them, regardless that I tell them to please cover any personal information that won't contribute to verifying their identify for the purchase (as Shopify recommends as one of the methods for sellers to protect themselves).


Also, because of the fact Shopify wants you to reach out to the customer yourself, this is wherein the major problem lies with a Facebook/Instagram order suddenly being marked as Medium Risk of Fraud: when Fraud Risk comes up on orders that come directly through the Online Store channel, it's much easier to deal with because people are actually using an active email to check out, and they plan to check that inbox as a means of communication/order updates. I find that the contact info connected to FB/Insta orders must be auto-filled during the checkout process on the respective channel being used, so it oftentimes ends up being an old email that goes unchecked.


Up until now, I was under the impression that the FB/Insta Channel took care of screening for fraud and that was included in their percentage taken from orders placed through their channel, but I just got my first order that came through the FB/Insta Channel that Fraud Analysis alerted me had a Medium Risk due to CVV of credit card not being available and IP address where order was placed not being available (which, of course, Shopify's Fraud Analysis picks up as matching characteristics of fraudulent orders in the past). 


Have reached out to the customer and, so far, not getting a response to my email (which is the case in 95% of FB/Insta orders. FB/Insta Customers often even reach out to me via Instagram asking for things like order confirmation numbers, tracking info, etc. that the order timeline on my end shows were sent to the contact email on file via automatic notifications). Facebook also has a deadline on order fulfillment, so just trying to get this straightened out within that window. 


Basically, I'm just wondering if anyone else knows for sure that Facebook/Instagram does indeed protect us from fraud? Because I thought I remember reading it in the agreement when I added the channel to my shop and thinking that was one of the pros that outweighed the con of the higher processing fee per order, but now I can't seem to find that anywhere.


Also, does anyone else have this issue of FB/Insta customers not being sent their actual Shopify order number, tracking info, etc. to the email that sellers have on file?  

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similar issue.  First order looked legit and wasn't flagged for fraud by Shopify.  2nd order showed a name for the shipping address that was different from the email address.  Also no CCV verification (I can't believe that's even allowed, I need that for placing an online fast-food order).  At this point I'm going to remove it which sucks.  Facebook takes a 9% cut for the transaction, offers little support and the order needs to be manually approved.  The juice doesn't seem worth the squeeze.  Now on to navigate the headache of removing the Meta order option without disconnecting Shopify/Meta from an analytics standpoint...

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We’ve gotten an 0.72% increase in fraudulent chargebacks from orders placed from the Facebook channel. Although 50% of orders come from Facebook channel, we’ve disabled the shop. Our business can’t afford the hit of fraudulent chargebacks