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Fraud Analysis blacklisting long time customer, causing us to lose business

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I'm relatively new to this Shopify store for a company I just started working for. I've been hired to manage and revamp their website. So, as I'm learning their business, I've gotten to know a few of their larger customers. 

Recently (in the past week), our second biggest customer, who orders apparel from us for a local university and has placed over 500 orders from us in this websites lifetime, was blacklisted by Shopify and Stripes fraud analysis. This is a known, trusted customer. They've come to our facility countless times. We reachd out to Shopify, asking what happened, and while they couldn't give us information as to why it happened, they said we could wait 6 hours and they would be removed from the blacklist. The customer waited 8 hours, just to be sure, and tried again. Surprise, it did not work yet again.

So, we had them wait through the weekend plus an extra day (72 hours total) and try again. They tried again, with no luck. We reached out to Shopify again, and this time their only solution was "try a different computer". The blacklist is based on IP addresses, so it makes sense that this would work. And it did! Twice. On the third order, blacklisted again. PERMANENTLY. On two devices. 

I reached out to Shopify yet again, and got the classic response, "there's nothing we can really do about it". Can we remove them from the blacklist? "No, that would be a security issue." Can you tell us exactly what it was that got them blacklisted, so we can prevent it from happening again? "No, we can't share that kind of information" (it's our customer, our store, we should know what triggers fraud filters). What they did share with us though, is that not only is this customer blacklisted from our site, but every single Shopify site. They will never be able to order from any Shopify vendor again.

Lucky for us, this customer has a lot of patience. They love using our services for the online ordering, which we personally deliver directly to their office at the university. Without that, we are no better than any other apparel business. That means this needs to be fixed. Shopify seems unwilling to do anything for us, whatsoever. I have years of e-commerce experience on other platforms, and know that you can remove people from blacklists like that, or whitelist certain customers that we know are a-okay. 

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Have them pay by check and save some processing fees. They sound trustworthy if they've made 500 orders already.

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They are trustworthy. One of the main reasons this person orders from us is because of the online ordering, as opposed to having to send in a check every time. Without that, we're no better than any other print shop.

Honestly, the only reason I'm posting this in the forums is in hopes that someone else from Shopify notices it and helps us more than the awful online chat agents. Nobody is giving me a clear answer on how to prevent this - they say it's a security concern (so wouldn't that concern us too?) so they can't discuss it; or there's "nothing they can do about it" which also is definitely not true. Shopify is not a living, concious creature - things can be changed with a few clicks.

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Can you switch to a different credit card processor?