Fraud Prevention for High Risk Orders on a Digital Download site

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I have a website that offers digital downloads. One big issue we've run into is fraudulent orders getting away with scamming us for free downloads, since the digital download app automatically displays their downloads after they pay. With physical products, you can cancel the order and not ship out the goods (so you're not at a loss), but with digital downloads we don't have the same protection.


Does anyone know of a solution that we can implement to help with this? Just today, we've had an individual place two fraudulent orders. Is there any way to set a trigger such that if a customer places an order that is identified as high-risk, our digital download app will not display the downloads? 



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Look into the filter app that will automatically cancel High-risk orders


But generally, depending on how post-purchase digital product access is set up, you might need to workaround solutions other than a basic filter.


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