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Fraudulent DMCA Notices

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Two days ago we received a DMCA notice from which was issued by a fraudulent company who, incredibly, created a store three days ago and cloned our website, including product pages, images, brand name. They even still had our website's domain name in their product images. The fraudulent DMCA claimed that we had copied their website, which is incredible. We obviously issued a counter-DMCA notice, and replied to the email from stating that the DMCA was fraudulent, and outlined clear points that identify this. We then put our website back online, however 12 hours later a second fraudulent DMCA notice was issued by the fraudulent company, which, again incredibly, was accepted by Shopify and issued to us. We submitted another counter-DMCA notice and since have kept all our products offline (this was yesterday). Each day our products are offline we lose a lot of money, and so we need this issue resolved immediately. We genuinely cannot believe that these fraudulent DMCA notices, which are made by a so blatantly obvious fraudulent website, are being accepted and issued to us by Shopify Legal. 


We have replied to the Shopify Legal email several times but each time we get a canned automated response saying that we must submit a counter DMCA notice (We have submitted four already!!)


Please can someone on Shopify's team read this and escalate this problem. This problem has totally undermined our confidence in Shopify.

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Update - Shopify Legal replied confirming that counter DMCA has been received, however that we need to wait 14 days until we can repost the content. Please can someone from Shopify explain how it is possible that someone can fraudulently clone your website, steal all your digital content, then fraudulently submit a DMCA notice, which then means your website and products must remain offline for 14 days?

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Hey , we are facing the exact same problem right now , would love to hear if you found any solutions.


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Sorry you are going through this. I am angry that I have discovered all of these fraudulent activities being allowed by hosting companies. Our shop has a fake clone out there with a slightly different domain and it is mind-blowing that these hosting companies do not vet their customers better. I feel the burden should be on them to handle these problems before they start. In addition to filing the proper reports, we will be leaving nasty reviews for the companies hosting the site, the DNS records, and the domain. If we blast the hosting companies every time it happens and they start to be negatively affected, they will have to actually do something.

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Hi Greatdane67, I'm so sorry this is happening to you. I'm currently going through the exact same thing. I made a thread on X (aka Twitter) sharing my story with these fake DMCAs. Tobi (CEO) has responded but we need more people to share their stories. This urgently needs to be fixed.

If you can, please share your story here and tag @tobi and @harleyf: