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Hello, My name is Sherry Pryor. I own Glory and Grace Splendid Tea Co. I have been using Shopify for a long time. In the past several months I have received fraudulent emails saying that they are from Shopify. They have all the correct information, logo, and everything. They tell me that my payouts are not coming to my bank account because my information is wrong. I know when payouts are supposed to come and when they are not. I got that email again this morning. I knew it was the same fraudulent email. I checked my bank account and sure enough, my payout is in my bank account. They are wanting people who use Shopify to give their personal information so they can steal identity. Just letting you know, and I am sure others have probably told you also, that this is happening. 

Another thing that has happened in the past was people on black lists getting on my website. What are they trying to do? Are they trying to get information, steal ideas, what? I know that Shopify caught an order once that was received by someone who used a credit card that was on the black list. Do all these type of things happen here at Shopify a lot? I am also complaining because it is not user friendly here when it come to trying to get to an email or a way to contact you. 

Thank you,

Sherry Pryor

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Beware of fraudulent emails, because I just received an email as well.
The email is sent by like shopify and have the shopify logo and a login equal to shopify platform.

Danger with the start of session in 

emails from: or ****
page :





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 I just received two similar emails from  Typos in the email tipped me off, and then I verified that payouts are continuing. It's fraud. I would think Shopify would want to report this to the FTC.

KT at Decorafresh