Fraudulent post

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Fraudulent seller. 

the page that I ordered something from is non existent. The company website is non existent. Therefore I can’t complete the help form because there is no link to enter.

I want a refund for my order but there is no way of getting one. I feel like this is on you since you let a fraudulent company set up a page. 

how do I got about getting a refund. I made this order directly through the app. 

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Shopify isn't really a marketplace like eBay or Amazon. It is more of a tool to build a website and manage inventory. Shop on the other hand is both an application that shows you sellers that use Shop Pay and is also a payment gateway that partners with Affirm. If you used Shop Pay to make a payment and they facilitated a way for this fraudster to make some money, you do have your rights as a consumer. Did you end up getting any sort of confirmation email from the old website? Have you tried putting in the broken link (the closed down site) into the form? Was this money withdrawn from another bank account? If so, you can also do a chargeback on that account. 

Beaux Barker