Free shipping on certain items AND for certain customers

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I've searched high and low and I'm starting to think it isn't possible to get this granular with shipping on Shopify (maybe it's possible on Plus with scripts), but I need a way to offer free shipping on certain products AND only offer it to certain customers. 


My main problems with the common solutions out there:

1. Custom shipping profiles: This allows me to set free shipping on certain products, yes, but it doesn't allow me to apply this shipping profile only to select customer segments. It applies the shipping profile storewide. 


2. Discount code: A free shipping discount code, conversely, allows me to limit code usage only to certain customers, but does not allow me to grant free shipping on specific products (or carts that include certain products). I need both. 


The final layer to my conundrum: I haven't found any solution for applying free shipping on a cart that CONTAINS a certain item. If a product eligible for free shipping is added to the cart, even if it contains other items that are not eligible, I would like the standard shipping rate to be overridden and the whole cart to receive free shipping. This allows me to fulfill my promise of free shipping for buying certain products, but also doesn't discourage customers from shopping around for other items as well. Right now, if I set a custom shipping profile for free shipping on certain products, and a customer adds a non-eligible item to their cart, the shipping charge returns.


I've struggled to find a shipping app that can do all of the above things, but if anyone has any possible solutions please let me know! My ideal solution would be for Shopify to add a feature to the Shipping Profile section that allows you to apply a custom shipping rate to a certain customer segment (anyone from Shopify out there?).

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Have you found a solution for this yet? We are looking for a similar set up for our store and can't find anything. No apps, no programs, etc. We want to offer free shipping on select items / collections automatically for select customer segments. I honestly don't know why this is so hard to have implemented.  

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I never found a solution for adding free shipping on a cart that contains certain free ship eligible products, but I did manage to create a free shipping profile on certain products for certain customers by taking the following steps:


1. Activate third-party carrier-calculated shipping on your store (there's info on how to do that here). Basically, if you aren't on the Advanced or Plus plans, you'll need to pay a monthly fee ($20/mo. I believe) or switch from monthly to annual billing to activate the feature. I had to contact Shopify Support to get them to turn it on after I switched to an annual plan. 


2. Install the Bespoke Shipping app. The app is confusing at first and has a definite learning curve, but it has a lot of features. I was able to create a custom profile for the customers I wanted to give free shipping to based on customer tag (although there are lots of other criteria you can choose from). Then I created a product group (the products/collections I wanted to give free shipping on) and a free shipping rate and just added the pieces together like a puzzle. 


Activating the third-party shipping feature and paying for an app isn't ideal -- I wish it was a native Shopify feature -- but it worked for us for now. Hopefully this helps!

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Hi Kayla,


Thanks for the advice with the Bespoke Shipping App. I'm curious how you went about tagging the customers in real time. Did you also set up an automatic customer tagging app? I am trying to do this based upon Customer Segment within shopify but that criteria isn't showing as a method of customer tagging in any of the apps I've tried. I am creating this customer segment based on "collection viewed" which is a landing page I've created for a promotion. Curious if you've come across and solved any of these other related issues.


Thanks in advance,


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@KaylaLynn @420pipes 
It's possible to apply free shipping on a cart that CONTAINS a certain item using Advanced Free Shipping.

You can also limit it to customers with particular tags, or many other conditions of your choice.
Hope that helps.

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