Free Shipping on some products and not others

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We have a need to have both free shipping for some products and a requirement that we charge shipping on other products. 


We have created a free shipping profile as well as a standard shipping profile with rates and selected products to assign to this profile. What we had noticed is that when someone buys a product that has free shipping, all goes as planned. Same when a person buys a product that requires a shipping charge. 



If a customer buys 2 items: 1 has free shipping and the other requires shipping. We cannot seem to get this scenario to work right. Basically, the app charges shipping for both products. Is there a way in Shopify to make this work?


If you've done this before or have a solution please do share.











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I'm also having this same exact issue. I want the customer to get free shipping for the entire order if they end up adding a free shipping item in their cart . Did you figure this out at all? I contacted support and they didn't seem to understand my issue.