ga4 vs shopify data

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GA4 revenue totals are reporting double that of what i am actually bringing in on Shopify. Shopify help say it isn't an issue yet an SEO consultant claims it is. Not sure who to believe. Is it a big deal if GA4 is reporting differently as I go by Shopify's reporting anyway.

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This may have been caused due to multiple implementaion of the GA4 on the site. Have you verified that the site only has single instance of GA4?


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Hi @bbb333 


If GA4 is reporting differently from Shopify - it's not a "big deal" - as it's not affecting the sales directly. If the sales volume is not huge, it's not a showstopper.

But it's a big deal if you have huge volume of sales and you want to analyze your store sales. How customers are coming to your store, their behaviour on your store, how those shoppers from different traffic sources are turning into customers vs the revenue they are generating.


In this instance, having inaccurate data affects correct analysis and any specific decision making around raising your marketing budget vs the potential generated revenue. i.e. running ads.

Having said that, from your description, your GA4 setup might be incorrect, causing doubling of store sales reporting in GA4. 

Hope that helps.


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GA inflates volume by including any taxes, shipping and fees. It also does things like double counting gift card revenue (once at the time of purchase, and again at the time of redemption). It's not uncommon for people to aggregate their GA site data with their Shopify sales dollars for more accurate revenue. Apps like 42 Technologies can do this for you on the back end so that you can have the most accurate revenue, everytime. 

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Hi thanks for the replies. It turns out it was the google / you tube app i shopify thats causing duplication of data. I am not too worried as i dont need to have an indepth analysis.