GemPages Dynamic Checkout Button Text Bug

GemPages Dynamic Checkout Button Text Bug

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We have used GemPages for the product page on our website. However, a very weird bug happens.

On the published version of the page there's an extra odd text appearing inside our main dynamic checkout button. 


When the site first loads it might not appear, but when you refresh the page it appears.


The text is not visible anywhere in GemPages or the Shopify editor, nor could we find it appear in the Shopify code.


The text we added to the button in GemPages is "Order Now", the text that appears is "Purchase Now" (translated).

Things get even weirder - when we delete the "Order Now" text from the button in GemPages, the "Purchase Now" text starts to appear in English sometimes, sometimes in Bulgarian (the one it's supposed to show).

We've tried adding a completely new button - didn't work. 

It's pretty weird situation, but can someone help or suggest what to try? Here's the link to the page:


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