General questions related to GSC & how long it had taken for your store? Any best practice?

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HI there,

Two weeks ago I was very optimistic, when I was going online with the store.

I added a blog, 1k+ products, more or less userfriendly design etc.


Then I went online with the store and learned that you have to do a lot more in Google Search Console to get listed on Google. Using a third-party SEO app, I created metatexts and descriptions for all my categories and blog posts, submitted sitemap etc. I didn't do metadescr. for articles because it's just too much. I also use Klaviyo for the weekly newsletter, IG, and Twitter here and there. Of course, Klaviyo doesn't have many subscribers - since no one can find me.


Within around 2 weeks google had indexed now 91 pages. Just 3.1k more to go. If google continues in this speed then maybe all my pages are in Q1 2024 on google. Was quite a suprise for me.

I used the help of youtube to overcome other issues like with the blocked by robot.txt issue.


However, first at all I am very surprised about all youtuber which talk about dropshipping revenue after just a few weeks without even having a social media account. About the necessary work on google - nobody of them talks about it. Whatever. It is how it is.


My question to you guys, what was your experience with your store when you went online? Also, did you not have any sales for the first few months until it slowly took off?

Does it make sense to run Google ads if my pages are not found on Google? Or should I use Google ads only for the pages that are indexed?

I'm thinking of prioritizing certain pages in the GSC to get them indexed. For example, collection pages or certain blogs.


Any other input in order to keep me motivated 😁?

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Hi Dave Google SGE was covered this week by niel petel on youtube I am wondering if Shopify are ready for this as it would impact sales.