Generate QR Code on Order Confirmation Page

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I'm looking for a way to generate a QR code on my confirmation page that contains order information (item/SKU, number of items, etc). The goal is for this QR code to be scanned at a vending machine (custom merchandise or small products) for redemption. Ultimately it'd allow consumers to make their purchase on their own device and only redeem at the vending machine, thus cutting interaction time with machine down.


In short:

Customer scans QR code on vending machine to launch shopify site

Customer selects products & pays on shopify

Customer receives QR code on confirmation page & via order confirmation email

Customer scans QR code on vending machine for fulfillment



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Hello @pdcohen206 


Yes, this is possible using our app Releasit QR Code Generator and a custom implementation to make this work with your vending machine.


The app allows you to create a QR Code that once scanned brings your customers to your store on Shopify where they will be able to buy the products they need. Once they buy the products the app can show them a QR Code on the order thank you page and order confirmation email. The QR Code can contain item information so that when your vending machine scans it your customers can get their products.


If you are interested in this feel free to contact us at so that we can better understand how to make this work!


Hope this helps!


Marco from Releasit