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Generating invoice in quickbooks when an order is placed on Shopify

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Right now when I receive an order on shopify I will have to go and generate the invoice manually on quickbooks, is there any app available which will allow me to connect shopify to quickbooks so that when the order is placed on shopify I will find the invoice automatically created in quickbooks? I need to save my time 

Thanks for the help


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Hi Ismail,

Check out CartSpan for your import and stock update (if desired) needs.  It allows you to import the Shopify order as either Order, Invoice, or Receipt in QuickBooks.  If you import as an invoice, you can optionally apply a payment if the customer has paid at the time of checkout.  You can import the order against a common Customer account in QuickBooks or direct CartSpan to create a new customer master during the import process.  Many people will import against a common Customer in QB when they want to avoid bloat in the accounting system and just refer to customer detail in Shopify as necessary.  If this doesn't 'fit' your business process, you can have CartSpan create the new customer master with the name generated using a configurable rule applied to the incoming billing contact information.

Hope this helps,