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Get list of fulfilled orders using rest api

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Hello all,

I am working on to delete product automatically from admin when order fulfilled. I have getting all orders using api but I want only fulfilled orders for that I am using following line of api, for this I can not get fulfilled orders.

Can anyone please help me in this issue ?









$getOrders = shopify_call($access_token, $shop, "/admin/api/2023-04/orders.json", array("fulfillment_status" => 'partial'), 'GET');









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If you want to get only the orders that are fulfilled, you should filter the orders using the value 'fulfilled'.


$getOrders = shopify_call($access_token, $shop, "/admin/api/2023-04/orders.json", array("fulfillment_status" => 'fulfilled'), 'GET');
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Hello @okur90 ,

I have tried this way but it is not working. It display all orders except fulfilled and I want only fulfilled orders.

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Have you managed to find the solution? I am having the same problem...


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you should use query params in the request, for example:

 ->, won't bring fulfilled orders, so you should do:

-> <- the status is the "secret"