Get rid of collections duplicacy

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I have a page on my store which has URL

But there is an another URL i.e. which directs to the same page. How can I get rid of this particular URL?

I cannot find the option to remove this URL.

Another thing is, I have redirected this collections URL to my main URL i.e.; but as the collections URL is already having a page on it, it's not redirecting to my main page.

Please suggest any possible solutions.


Kaushal Dhawan 

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@kaushaldhwn ,

Please check under the navigation under admin->online store

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Thank you @Propero for replying.

I've checked there as well but there is no option to remove the page.

There is only option for URL redirects which I've already done. Now main problem for both of my URLs there is the same page opening i.e. & both are directing to same page.

I want the page of to be deleted and then this URL will redirect to my main page

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Anyone please provide suggestions what should I do.

@Propero or any other shopify members.