Geting no sales and little amount of traffic

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My store is up and running now for almost 3 weeks and I'm still getting no sales and very little sessions in my store. Can anyone give me some tips/tricks to lure more customers to my store?


My site:

Facebook ad:



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Are you sure you mean this site? It looks kind of shady 🤔

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First Things First!

You must place the "Buy Now" button somewhere on the home page itself that catches the eye of the visitor in a single go. Since you have a "Single Product Store", it will be feasible for you to achieve this. You can place it at multiple pages which means on your Home Page as well as on the Product Page. But, make sure that it doesn't become nagging for your audience.


You can also get your social media pages on platforms like twitter, facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many more in order to increase your online presence.

If you are looking for a one-time solution to achieve both of the aforementioned measures, simply consider choosing a theme which solves the purposes. As your theme is having some minor issues too and does not seem to be user-friendly. 


If you need more help, you can Click Here-->


Hope this helps!