Re: gift card issues you should expect if you choose Shopify

gift card issues you should expect if you choose Shopify

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So if your customers make a typo...too bad. If they'd like the gift card sent to a different email address...too bad. If they lose the original gift card email...too bad. 

Pull up a gift cards (under Products-->Gift Cards-->then click on one of your gift card orders) and ****even though you see an edit button next to the customer's email address, it doesn't matter what you change that address to...Shopify will only send it to the original address that was used when it was purchased. We've had all the issues listed above plus more.

Shopify Support admits this is a problem...let alone that they completely mislead their customers with an edit button that they know doesn't work. Yet, their only suggestion is to create a new gift card from scratch every time any of these issues happen, which is totally unrealistic in any real-world retail setting and messes up sales reports, accounting, etc.

Also, you can't access the code of a gift card anywhere. The only place the code is listed is in the email sent to the address entered at purchase. Again...loads of issues with this in real-world retail setting both for our customers and us. 

Shopify has no ETA for a fix for any of this, and Support can only provide their usual go-to response ("we'll pass this along"). Anyone here have any solutions? Or any Shopify reps out there able to provide some actual information on when this will be fixed (either when you'll stop misleading customers with edit buttons that don't actually work OR when you'll make them work)?

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ShankhaSanyal's comment doesn't address the issues we raised in our post. And to date, the ShankhaSanyal has only and exclusively made shopify community comments to promote this chrome extension...which has plenty of public customer reviews claiming it's a scam and does not work. 

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@Shopify When will gift cards be improved? Why do they behave like discount codes conflicting with any store that requires a minimum purchase amount to ship?

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I'm keen to see a solution for this too. Today a customer tried to use their physical gift card which I had written myself. Somehow the code I created and wrote on the card is not the code the original buyer received via email. I cannot see the code that went to their email. So the customer had to get back in touch with the original buyer to get the code. It was crappy and embarrassing. It's something the retailer should be able to solve for the customer and it makes my customer service look very bad that I can't solve the problem for the customer then and there. It's so tacky.