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Let’s say I have products A, B and C and I track inventory on all of them.  Now I have set up product Z which is a bundle of products A, B and C.  Is there a way to track inventory on product Z?  How do I deal with this?  Right now, every time I sell product Z, I just manually have to decrease the inventory of A, B and C but that’s getting tedious!!

Any help would be appreciated!


Your manual approach is definitely not scalable. 

What you need is an inventory app to link product Z with product A, B, C. Real-time stock sync by Trunk and connected inventory apps are good. 

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We offer 2 options to maintain inventory:

For product Z we calculate the inventory available based on what the components A, B and C inventory levels are so if you cannot make up Z it will show out of stock.

When product Z is sold we convert the order to show A, B and C so your stock levels for those are maintained automatically by Shopify.



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