google ads conversion tracking not working

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Hi, I have added google global site tag and event snippet for conversion tracking into my store. Google have said that both codes have been set up correctly. The tag is not firing so the purchase is not being tracked by google. Does anyone know why it is not showing the purchase in google ads. My website address is  thankyou in advance

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Did you follow the instructions on the following Shopify help page.


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Hi @paule3


Since you have Google Analytics installed successfully on your site have you tried connecting Google Ads with Google Analytics?


You can use Google Analytics to record conversions and this data gets passed seamlessly to Google Ads. 


Hope that helps. 

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Hi @paule3,

Where did you place the event snippet?
Make sure to add it in the Checkout Section of your store, but also add the Global site tag there.

For testing purposes, send across a URL of a successful order from you store.

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