Google Ads Suspension on "unpaid balance"

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I recently ventured into e-commerce, launching my own website and initiating a Google Ads campaign. However, I encountered an issue where my ads were suspended shortly after launch due to an "unpaid balance." Despite verifying that my credit card information matches the records on Google, proofing that I am the owner, and screenshot 0 balance on my Google invoice, my efforts have not resolved the suspension, and I've been informed that my Google Ads account will not be reactivated. Additionally, this suspension has affected my Google Merchant account. I'm pretty new to this and this was the first time I dealt with Google and even owned the website, so I did not owe Google anything.


Given my limited experience with Google's advertising tools, I'm seeking guidance on several points:

  1. Does the decision not to reactivate my ads imply a permanent ban, or is there an avenue to appeal this decision?
  2. Considering discontinuing my use of Google Ads, I wonder if unlinking my Google Merchant account will impact my website's visibility on Google.
  3. I'm concerned about the potential effects of these suspensions on my website's Google ranking, especially since it was only launched in December.
  4. I would appreciate any advice on addressing the "unpaid balance" issue. Despite providing evidence of a zero balance, it seems my submissions have not been reviewed by a person.

I am reaching out to learn from others who might have faced similar challenges and to understand how they navigated these issues.

Thank you for your time and assistance.



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For Google Merchant Center, you may want to start with:

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Wow! There are tons of information in there, thank you so much!! My Google Merchants has worked fine for the last 3 months since launching until I started messing with Google ads a few weeks ago. I made a couple of dozens of orders and received nice reviews during that time before starting the ads. They suspended my merchants due to suspended Google ads. so I had to fix the ads, however, google was no help. I was thinking about just abandoning the ads and unlinking my merchants from the ads. However, I have no idea if that will affect Google ranking.