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Help us to resolve following issues:

1) Single Product (One bottle )page with GTIN is getting an error on google merchant center as (Limited performance due to missing value [gtin] ) whose GTIN is 8906100500124


2) We have another product page with same product as pack of 2 (2 bottles) which is also getting  an error on google merchant center as (Limited performance due to missing value [gtin] ) whose GTIN is 8906100500124 (Same GTIN)


How to manage and resolve similar  products with same GTIN in shopify.



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You need to check the GTIN values are accurate.


Also, is the identifier_exists field set to true? I'd presume it is given the error. You can check this in Merchant Center. Find the product, then see the final attributes.

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Hello @nveda,


I am Gina from flareAI app. Hope you are having a good day.

If you have multiple products with the same GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) in Shopify, you may encounter an error that says "Limited performance due to missing value [gtin]". This error occurs because Shopify requires unique GTIN values for each product to ensure proper tracking and management of your inventory.

To manage and resolve this issue, there are a few steps you can take:

1. Check your product data: Make sure that you have entered the correct GTIN value for each product. If you have multiple products with the same GTIN, you will need to update the data to ensure that each product has a unique value.

2. Create unique identifiers: If you have multiple products with the same GTIN, you can create unique identifiers for each product, such as a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or MPN (Manufacturer Part Number). These identifiers can be used to track your inventory and help prevent errors.

3. Use a different identifier: If you cannot assign unique GTINs or identifiers to each product, you may need to use a different product identifier, such as a UPC (Universal Product Code) or EAN (European Article Number).

4. Contact support: If you are still experiencing issues with the "Limited performance due to missing value [gtin]" error, you can contact Shopify support for further assistance.

It's important to note that using incorrect or duplicate GTIN values can lead to issues with your product listings and potentially harm your search rankings on e-commerce platforms. Therefore, it's essential to ensure that each product has a unique identifier and accurate data.


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A common issue is when using the free app, the barcodes do not get sent to Google Merchant Center. As @Josh_Uebergang suggested, check final attributes by going to Google Merchant Center > Products > All Products > click on your product, scroll to the bottom and view the final attributes.


If it's missing and you have added in Shopify, consider contact Shopify support to fix it. Or as this is an issue that exists for 1.5 years. Use a different data feed app such as:

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Hi @nveda 


If you have correctly added GTIN to your Shopify products, ensure you can see those values reflected in the Google Merchant center. Sometimes the GTIN values are not pushed to the GMC, mainly when you use the Google channel app to push your products. 


To solve this and ensure that all your feed attributes are getting pushed to the merchant center correctly, you can either manually add the missing values to the merchant center or use a third party app to push your products to the GMC. 


You can try our app, Nabu for Google Shopping Feed to update your products and manage your feed. 

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Products update happens automatically from Shopify to google shopping. Unfortunately this issue still exists for majority of the stores. Specially if you have large store with mixed items. As some are custom and some are not.

I have a number of clients and all are having the same issue except 1.

Finally this app is available in the market:

This app has no products limit unlike others. You can run it for all of your products to fix Limited performance due to GTIN issue on google if you already have UPC populated.



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Hey @nveda


You actually need GTIN, and it will benefit you a lot. The GTIN is of key importance in terms of product identification. It helps you to segregate similar products as well as their variants from each other. IT ensures you can correctly identify the product by eliminating any need for confusion or discrepancy.


Here are a few tried and tested tips to fix the GTIN issue


  • Fix The GTIN - Go through the entire product listings of your store to discover products with the same GTIN, multipack, and condition attributes. Now remove the unnecessary items such that every product has a unique GTIN.
  • Fix The Multipack and condition attributes - ensure for each time these metrics are rightly specified. Multipack is a reference to bundle quantity and type, and condition refers to new, used, or refurbished.
  • Item Group ID - Group similar products with numerous variants using the item group ID attribute and let every variant have a unique GTIN but have the same item group ID.

As a result, your products will be displayed as a group to the shoppers, and they can easily choose the variant required.


Additionally, seeing GTIN on the product listings, customers view it as a hallmark of trust. As a result, shoppers have no doubt to consider it as a registered product and a genuine one.


If you find it technically challenging or fear non-compliance, it is advisable to seek assistance from the Shopify support team. 


Any queries still bothering you? Connect with us, we are eager to talk about it. Happily solved numerous queries for hundreds of Shopify sellers around the world.

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