Re: Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation (GMCM)

Google Merchant Center Misrepresentation (GMCM)

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Firstly, I'm not looking for paid services, do not contact me on here or privately offering your services, I'm seeking help from the community.


My Shopify store has the dreaded GMCM. All items I'm selling have 2 or three issues, some are to do with the images, that can be sorted. The issue that is concerning me is "Remove products that violate our policies, or request a manual review,", all my products have that against them. I'm selling male and female fragrances, I'm not drop shipping, all stock is authentic ready to ship. I requested a manual review from Google that was no help.


I tested my site, I have removed all products and the GMCM goes away, I list one item Merchant Center tells me product is violating. I'm struggling to figure out what the problem is. Anyone else experience this? I'm trying to find the solution.


My store does meet the basic requirement, refund policy, term of service etc are displayed, Shopify Google and YouTube advises this is ok. Google Merchant Center is connected to Shopify, for shipping and products etc


The Merchant Centre lists the below as well:


Based on the information available about your business, there is reason to believe that customers are being misled on Google. Review the Misrepresentation policy and make changes to your Merchant Center and/or online store.

Make sure your Merchant Center and online store follow the following best practices / guidelines

  • Provide transparency about your business identity, business model, policies and how your customers can interact with you
  • Promote your online reputation by showing reviews or highlighting any badges or seals of approval
  • Use a professional design for your online store that includes an SSL certificate help_outline
  • Provide information in the business information settings in your Merchant Center help_outline
  • Follow SEO guidelines, improve your eligibility for seller ratings and match your product data in your Merchant Center with your online store
Google found this issue through a manual check
The below is from Shopify



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To know what potential issues there are, pleas share the product URL itself.


If you are unable to share any details, consider checking:

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Thank you for reaching out. Your link has provided no new information, I have read it all before.


All my products have the following - "Remove products that violate our policies, or request a manual review," To test, I listed only one item on my store, the aforementioned remains. I put all items into draft the Misrepresentation goes. I did request a manual review from Google, makes no difference.


It's a great shame I paid Shopify an annual fee, money waste. I cannot wait for the annual paid subscription to end, I will shut up shop, it's better to use third party platforms like ebay, Amazon to sell my items, I do not need Shopify. I cannot complain, Shopify has been an experience and I have learnt a heck of a lot.