google search console errors after changing theme to dawn

google search console errors after changing theme to dawn

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Hello all, I updated the theme from minimal to dawn, and since I started getting google errors pic:


Google says to contact shopify, shopify says they have no clue. How can I fix this? I imported the code from minimal theme.liquid into dawn.


Thanks for your help.

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@urbantis Shopify developer can fix those issue.

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I would assume the same. Surprised to hear Shopify says "they have no clue". Hope OP will be able to get help soon.

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I'm having the same issues and Google won't index my products. Shopify support told me they can't help me and I should hire a Shopify expert to fix them.  Using the new Dawn 3.1.0

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This is the error of the code you imported. I have those problems before. 

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Hello @urbantis,


It looks like you have set something up incorrectly, so an audit and proper fixing are required in your case.


Please, let me know if you need any assistance.



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