Gremlins at play the last 3 days

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Shopify you doing ok? Weird things been going on with my store the last 3 days:


Day 1) Active Carts - on at least 3 occasions I glanced at my live view to see 14 active carts with only a couple visitors being displayed.

Day 2) Checking Out - 2 active carts, 2 checking out, never proceeding to purchased. Happened all day long.

Day 3) Total Sessions - switch over to live view and see total sessions jump up by 40 - 50. Go back over to live view a few minutes later and watch total sessions nose dive by 20 - 30.


I've had my store for years so I know the normal behavior and this is out of the norm. I hope you guys find those gremlins soon...

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I've noticed strange behaviour in live view this week as well. 

Live view would be dead showing no activity and over on Google Analytics the store is wild with activity.