gSuite, MX records, Godaddy domain - how to move email to shopify

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I just verified my custom domain residing at GoDaddy and now need to understand how to configure my gsuite/workplace MX records to work with Shopify. I just moved from Wordpress and was using Siteground so they were configured there.  Even watching some help videos, I can't see where  or how to input Gsuite MX records in Shopify to ensure my email continues to work. Help welcome! 

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I'm going through this right now with my email.  In Shopify, select 'Domains' from the "Sales Channels' menu on the left.  Click 'Manage' next to your domain name.  On the next page, click on 'DNS Settings' at the top right of the page.  This is where you will input all the stuff from your email provider.  In the fields where you are asked to enter a name, use @ instead of any words.  If you copy and paste the text for the 'Points to' field and you get an error, make sure there aren't any spaces after the text.  You can't see them, but they will screw it up (see attached image).