Had my first order but forgot to 'turn off' test mode

Had my first order but forgot to 'turn off' test mode

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Hi, I recently launched my store (1st June) and immediately got an order from a customer that was waiting to order. However, I forgot to turn off the test mode and now have an issue. Within the order notes, the Status was a success and it looks like it came through using Apple pay. 

Now, my customer is saying the funds left his account, however, those funds are not showing in my payouts. Since my products are a high value £500+ it's quite the pickle I have found myself in. 

Any advice greatly appreciated!

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Hi @RoyalFab,

First of all you should confirm that your store was in test mode when the order was placed. You can check if test mode is enabled and the time payment of the order was processed in test mode. If the payment processed in live mode, you should contact your payment provider’s support team immediately. In case, it was in test mode, this is an issue involving Shopify’s platform and possibly a misconfiguration (test mode), contacting Shopify Support can help resolve the issue faster. They can confirm if the order was indeed processed in test mode and check if there were any issues with the transaction.

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