having a problem adding free samples at checkout

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Hello! I currently run a cosmetic brand and want to put in the option for my customers to add free samples at checkout. Is this a possibility or would I need to code it into my website?

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Congrats on your cosmetic brand, I have a beauty brand too! MBeauty


Tip: coding is always the last resort solution. Most likely Shopify has it by default or a developer made and app for it!

I would suggest a checkout promotions app like CHECKOUT PROMOTIONS (it has this feature: Enable upsell or free gift promotion)

However, FREE is a word customers love. I would try to tell them that they will get a free sample with their order  BEFORE reaching checkout. You can do this using a pop up sign, or use an UPSELL promo, so when customers add to cart they would get the option to add the sample.
Finally, you can just add "Free samples with every order" in the product page 🙂


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Hey there,

we have developed Samplio app for this purpose. Please check it out https://apps.shopify.com/samplio-send-free-samples?search_id=7ad9c05f-7029-4ab4-865b-971724e3c74b&su...


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