Having trouble figuring out how to set up shipping

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I currently have calculated shipping set up, with each product having their own weight, and I set up a shipping handling fee. My store is live and we have had a few customers, and the shipping is not estimating to what I thought it would and need help on how to proceed.

For example, if a customer orders some products and the order weight comes out to several pounds, they still get charged the same as if it was just 1 pound. So we have had several instances in which the shipping is actually double what the estimate said and despite me changing the weight to a higher weight, the shipping estimate will still stay the same. It would make sense that as the weight gets higher, that the shipping estimate would charge more in shipping, but that only happens if I put a really high weight (like 60 pounds). 

I'm coming from Woocommerce, and with our shipping set-up, we were able to put each product in different groups and then put a calculation that for every product in the cart, it would charge $2 more per product. This helped us have pretty close to accurate shipping fees.

I've tried setting up different profiles like we did with woocommerce and while the shopify instructions state that you can combine shipping rates, when I tried it, it showed all the different shipping options as separate and I couldn't seem to get them to combine. 

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