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Does anyone have any experience with building a Hebrew store and processing Israeli credit cards with Shopify? Is it a recommended product for that market or is there something better? I need something that's very friendly to build and maintain.

(just a reminder that Hebrew is a right-to-left language which makes it more painful than your typical localization)

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I think you'll need a Shopify translation app. Then you'll need to figure stuff out with the whole payment thing. Other than that, I don't think there's any different problems compare to other businesses.

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Hey, for those who are still looking for Hebrew/RTL solutions - Shopify doesn't have this built in, unfortunately.

If you are looking for something basic and affordable with sorting and filters functionality, I've modified a simple Shopify theme to support right-to-left and it also optionally includes Hebrew translations. More details on my website: https://www.olessiabourgart.com/shopify-themes