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Hello 👋 , a client has approached me to build their e-commerce store on Shopify for two types of audiences: for individual customers and for professional clients (their distributors).


Professional clients should have different pricing from individual customers and should be able to log into a dedicated space to sign up, place their orders, and track them. The store administrator should be able to identify the typology of their clients in the dashboard and the other views (orders preparation etc...). The admin should also be able to set a price for individual customers and professional clients from their space (either per unit or by applying a general rule).


Notification emails should also be adapted to the type of client.


What is the most relevant and cost-effective solution for my needs?


Thanks !

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I don't recommend this, I'm just sharing what I witnessed once. Just an idea. You definitely should reach out to bigger devs for this or contact Shopify themself - they will probably tell you to get B2B.

There was this store that, in order to not pay for Plus and have B2B in the same store, he used customer-tags to identify which are B2B and B2C. I don't recommend doing this, I don't know either what's the best practice for this in order to avoid getting emailed by Shopify.

Here was that convo: Solved: Re: Show stock level after customer login - Shopify Community

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Hey @raphaeltoubiana,


This is a Shopify Plus feature. Working around it always ends up a disaster because obviously Shopify would not want this to be easily implemented without a Plus plan. I know this isn't cost-effective but I can guarantee you that this is the most relevant.

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Hello Raphael,
I actually just finished a video on this exact use case: B2B and DTC on one shop without using Shopify Plus. This is very possible to do using two apps: Sparklayer and Customer Fields. Though I'm not 100% sure which features would be the most beneficial to you, an app like Sparklayer is going to address a bunch of your needs. 
I hope this helps 😊

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