help!!how to get traffic and marketing adult (sex) toys store!

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hi, guys

i am sherry, our products just release a week ago, it has been difficult marketing our product as we sell sex toys, i have done couple ads with google adwards and get some traffic but not much. it has no sales yet, i am wondering if any of you could give us some suggestions, why this is no sales, does our website look reliable? product look decent and price good attractive? we are new to this industry and also ecommerce store, i am start douting here, if i could get some help with directions and suggestions would be great


thank you so much




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Hi, Sherry!

My name is Jade, I am with the Social Care Team at Shopify.

I can tell that you have put a lot of hard work into building your website! I like how your products hover like they are floating in the air. I did a deep dive into your store and have some feedback for you to consider - this is totally 100% your choice of course! ?

1) Your products are very fairly priced and appear to be good quality. That being said, most of your customers will most likely only buy one of your products at a time because purchasing a toy is an investment. While we live in a more open era when it comes to the topic of sex, there are still several main questions that your clientele will have when purchasing from your store:

a) Will me/my partner like it?
b) How will I hide it (from kids, roommates, etc)?
c) How do I look after it? (cleaning and caring for the toy)

If you had a blog on your website that you contributed to on a consistent basis, you can answer these and other customer questions as well as improve your website SEO. Shopify has a great blog post called Why Every E-commerce Business Needs a Blog (And 9 Ideas to Get You Started) that has great information!

2) I recommend adding the free app Product Reviews to your website. As your website starts to generate sales your customers' reviews will help sell your products to future customers as well as provide you with priceless feedback.

3) I was searching for a Return Policy on your website and realized that is was located under the word Policy. Because Policy is next to the word Privacy it is very easy to miss. You may want to change the name of your heading to Refunds, Returns, or something similar that your customers will be able to understand right away that section is for information about Returns.

4) You may want to check with the laws in your area about having an age -verification popup that appears on your website so that your customer can confirm that they are of legal age. If you are shipping internationally this will be important.

5) There is a typo on your IE-100 on picture #4.

6) It's a bit hard to understand what size your products are. On the last image of your product pages, you have information about your products but the actual size is a bit hard to understand. If you wrote the size as part of the product image  that would be a more visual way of conveying information to your customers.

7) To increase traffic to your website, there is a site called Cratejoy is a website that has companies from all over the world that sell subscription boxes based on a specific niche such as Book Lovers, Coffee, Survival, Fitness, and more. There are a couple of subscription boxes that sell adult products. If you contact the companies on Cratejoy that sell adult boxes, some of them might be interested in adding one of your products into a future box for their customers. This is a good way of putting your product in front of a target audience that is already interested in your specific niche. In addition to providing products for these boxes, I would add a discount code that is added to each box so that the customer that receives the box has a reason to go onto your website and make a purchase!

Have a great day and best wishes with your store! \ (•◡•) /

Jade | Shopify 
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hi, jade

thank you so much for your reply and its so detailed and informative. I will definately try your suggestions.


have a nice day :)



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What do you think ? My website is good or i need to make some changes? =>> Sex Shop Zone

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@HANSEN2020 enable https for your stores first

Dan from Ryviu
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